Created in 1968 at a Master's degree level and in 1986 as a Doctorate degree, the program trains professors, researchers and professionals that specialize in the Agronomy area / Crop Science subarea.  The Crop Science program has graduated students from Brazil and abroad (Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela).Degrees and time to completionThe program offers the degrees of Master and Doctor in Sciences, both full-time, and the maximum time to completion is 28, 46 and 56 months respectively for the Master, Doctor and Straight-through Doctor degree programs.Research fields

  • Fruit Science and technology, olericulture and landscaping
  • Science and technology of cropping systems in food, fiber, coffee, cocoa and tobacco, extraction, and oil crops, in addition to agroforest systems
  • Seed science and technology and plant production physiology and biochemistry
  • Production systems, weed handling and agriculture modeling