Mission, Vision, Values


The mission of Department of Crop Science (LPV) is to promote the development of Sustainable Agriculture through teaching, research, and extension actions, in articulation with the mission of ESALQ, obeying principles that prioritize social, environmental and economic sustainability. Our mission is:

  1. the teaching in the Crop Science area will enable undergraduate and graduate students to fully develop their professional activities in the Plant Production area, in the context of sustainability and technological innovation;

  2. The department seeks to carry out cutting-edge research to educate future generations of professionals in the agricultural sector, who generate technological innovations and patents, promote advances in agricultural practices, aiming at food security and environmental protection; and

  3. Carry out extension activities to promote sustainable agricultural development in the Crop Science area, through events, training, publication of bulletins, books and articles in technical magazines, interviews, social activities that include the department's participation in basic education, society, and donation of surplus agricultural products resulting from research.


The Crop Science Department's vision is to be a center of excellence in teaching, research, and extension services, through the transmission of knowledge that promotes the development of agriculture, and scientific and technological advances in plant production.


  • Ethics and socio-environmental responsibility;

  • Teamwork with a spirit of collaboration, respect, and responsibility; and

  • Promoting diversity and inclusion